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July 5, 2006

Dear Gordon & Sherri,

It was great seeing you again. Thank you so
much for dinner. Gordon, it was a treat
traveling in the 49 luxury car!

Thanks, Sherri, for the recommendation of
the Homestead B&B. Diane and I really
enjoyed our stay, the accommodations and
The Vergas Long Lake Trail
Dedicated to the public service of Roger Hanson
"A Safety Lane from Vergas Main Street to Long Lake Park"
and breakfast were wonderful. I was happy to hear that there are interested
citizens in Vergas who are working on a "Trail" for walkers and bikers that
would connect the Park to downtown Vergas. I certainly hope that you will
be able to finish the major funding to complete this necessary project.
As I mentioned to you in our conversation, Diane and I felt uneasy and
somewhat nervous on our walk from the Homestead B&B to downtown.
Presently, there is no safe walking area that keeps pedestrians clear of the
traffic flow. I am enclosing a small donation to your fund.
Please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial to your project. Good
Luck! Thanks Again.

Bruce Vandersall
The Scooter Boys!
Photo courtesy of Sherri Hanson

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