A Very Special Thank You to those who have
donated to "The Trail."

Platinum ($1,000 & Over)
T.I.P. (Turn In Poachers)
Bob Bunkowski
Karen Hill (In Memory of JB Hill & Ned & Laura McDonald)
Vergas Investments, Inc.
Vergas Insurance Agency, LLP
Otter Tail Power Company
Vergas State Bank
Hanson's Plumbing & Heating
Rodger Hanson Memorial
Myles & Bev Flateland
KLN Enterprise
Vedin Trust
Gordon Dahlgren Memorial
Pat Shannon & Helen Johnson
Vergas Lions Club
West Central Initiative
Peg Marshall Memorial (Bob Marshall)
Ned & Laura McDonald Memorial
Vergas Assisted Living
Ulteig Engineers
Josh Hanson
Janice Peterson (Hasson)

Gold ($500 to $999)
Frazee Forum
Herman Peterson Family
Daggett Truck Line
Sybil Rod & Gun
Hobart Township
Robert & Betty Johnson
Fins & Lovers Fishing Tourney
J. Hodges/Geline Kratzke
Murray Cummings Family
Vergas Senior Citizens
Jill Peterson Memorial
Goodman's Graphic Shopper
Joe/Edna Johnson Memorial (Scott/Nancy Cole)
Justin & Christi Helmke
Perham Rotary
Phil & Sheila Horn
Jerry & Nancy Haase

Silver ($250 to $499)
Camp Idlewile Resort
Dent Lions
Allen & Genelle Sather
Cal & Loretta Larson Family
Pearl Nelson Family
Vergas Fire Department
Frazee Sportsman Club
Pryce Score
Lou Score
Gerhardt Fick
H. Kent & Beverly Adams
Neil Strawhorn Air Service
Roger & Phyllis Simon
Don & Charleen Schermerhorn
Paul Hendrickson

Bronze (Up to $250)
JoAnn Bruhn
Gerhardt Fick
Bruce Vandersall
Patrick & Kathleen McGreevy
Ethel & Dale Haakenson
Robert & Eloise Maneval
Jane Mathewson
Bob & Kari Carlson
Mariel Wolters
Dorothy Flatau Memorial
John & Mary Radlinger
Tom & JoAnne Augustin
Larry Wouters Memorial
Sandra Vanemay
Delta & Karen Daggett
Quiet Cricket
Ernie Schanilec of Harold
Bette Daggett
Cal Larson Volunteer Committee
Ray Glawe Memorial
Harold Herheim Memorial (Patty Herheim)
Santa Claus
Gary Ubben
Alfred Kading
Ernie Schanilec
Alea & Norm Buktenica
Jay & Gary Estenson
Ruben Brasel Family
Dr. Michael Hamann
Park Company
West McDonald Lake Association
Jim & Mary Ann Zelm
Shirley Peterson Memorial
Herb Wilschewski Memorial
Jerry & Judi McDonald
Lillian Lange Memorial
Fred Kruger Memorial
Dr. David Fihn
Marlys Berven Memorial (Marion Stoll)
Steve & Sandy Wendt
Bryan Giese
Kirkpatrick Family
Billy Day Memorial
Betty Johnson Memorial
Jerry Bartley
Raymond Bruhn

Donations to date from Buckets in Businesses
Vergas Long Lake Trail
"A Safety Lane from Vergas Main
Street to Long Lake Park"
Dedicated to the Public Service of Rodger Hanson
The Trail's Benefactors
If you would like to contribute to "The Trail" please send your
donation to one of the addresses listed below.

Send Inquiries & Contributions to:
City of Vergas, PO Box 32, Vergas, MN 56587
Vergas State Bank, PO Box 67, Vergas, MN 56587
Rodney Hanson, PO Box 99, Vergas, MN 56587

Your tax deductible check can be made out to "The Trail"