Emily Bachmann, Princess Altona 2016
Desiree Bauer, Miss Vergas 2016
Princess Altona
Scholarship Program
Princess Altona
The Princess Altona Scholarship Program was established
in 1999, by it's founder Melissa Bunkowske. The program is
designed for young girls ages 12-15 years of age who live
with in the four school districts of Vergas which are;
Frazee-Vergas, Detroit Lakes, Perham-Dent, & Pelican
Rapids, or if they have close personal ties to the community
of Vergas. The title "Princess Altona," pays homage to
Vergas's original name Altona. The town's name was
officially changed to Vergas in 1903.
The program is a four phase competition consisting of
Personal Interview which is 35% of her total score, Talent at
30%, Party Dress & On-Stage Question at 20%, and the
final phase of competition the Sports Wear at 15%.
Each contestant will be judged individually on a scale of
1-10, with 5 being average. At no time will the judges
compare one contestant to another. Scoring is done
immediately following the contestant's appearance on stage.
The Princess Altona Program is designed to give young
ladies in our community the opportunity to gain
self-confidence, poise, and ownership of the community in
which they live.
Only the first TEN (10) Applications will be accepted.

The winner of Princess Altona receives a
$100 Cash Award, Crown, & Banner.
1st Runner-up receives a $50 Cash Award
Miss Congeniality wins a $25 Cash Award

This year will mark the 18th Annual Princess Altona
Scholarship Program. The program will be held in
conjunction with the Miss Vergas Scholarship
Program on Thursday,  August 10th, 2017 @7:00pm at the
Vergas Event Center. All seats are $10 each and can
be purchased at the door or by any Miss Vergas or
Princess Altona Contestant.
Photographs property of
Enchanting Events
A BIG Thank You to T.I.P.
(Turn In Poachers) for the continued support of the Miss
Vergas Scholarship Program & to the
Vergas Lions for their Support and Sponsorship